Thursday, 27 October 2011

Go ON Give an Hour

8.7 million people in the UK have never used the web – they’re missing out on loads of ways to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.
Did you know that 90% of jobs require basic internet skills, that the average household can save up to £560 a year by shopping and paying bills online; and over 25 million people are already using Facebook to chat to friends and family?
If you’ve got a relation, friend or neighbour who is missing out on the internet, they’re missing out on loads of ways to make their life easier and more enjoyable.
On the 30th October the clocks go back and we all have an extra hour. Imagine how exciting it would be if we all used this time to help someone get started online.
Get your guide to what to do in an hour, watch inspirational films as famous faces show how they use the web, and find further local support or places to volunteer by pledging an hour at

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Get Online @ Home

Spread the word about Windows 7 Computers for Union Learning Reps from just £95!
For many of those who do not have regular access to a PC and are not enjoying the benefits of the internet, the last significant barrier to getting people connected is the cost of a PC at home. BBC research shows that everything you do to inspire and encourage people – and to give them the right skills to go online – will gradually slip away if there is no PC at home to keep the excitement alive and provide easy, instant access to the internet. It’s not enough to go online once – our goal is to make it possible for them to stay online – and to feel the wonderful benefits of Skype-ing with friends and family – unlimited video calls to any part of the world; to find information just when they need it; to make the most of learning opportunities and develop their particular passions. You can help students, families and communities overcome this final barrier by pointing them towards the GetOnline@Home website – the best place to buy a no-nonsense, affordable computer, which will give them a chance to stay online for good and to enjoy all the benefits we take for granted.
Scottish Union Learning is behind the GetOnline@Home offer which includes:
• Phone or online purchasing for a powerful refurbished PC with flatscreen, keyboard and mouse
• The latest version of Windows (Windows 7); and a range of Microsoft software for documents, emails, pictures and more; and free anti-virus for life
• The option to choose a broadband package from a range of specially tailored offers for beginners
• A collection of useful sites and software to delight beginners and to open up the web
• A great set of Quick Start guides and support in the form of telephone helplines and warranties, etc.

The GetOnline@Home site truly offers the best in breed for no-nonsense, affordable computers. The offer is now available to ULRs in Scotland, which means that you can buy refurbished computers for £95. The offer is only for ULRs, however, there is a possibility of buying up to 6 refurbished computers for a workplace learning centre, if appropriate.
For more information, visit the GetOnline@Home website.