Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Maths and Writing @Sea courses

Distance learning for Seafarers
The @Sea courses are available to anyone. There is a small charge for each course but you can work at your own speed and each one is available for 12 months from the dates of purchase.
To buy any of the courses please visit Marine Society online shop.
Maths@Sea, Writing@Sea and Maths@Sea+ are exciting learning tools designed, developed and delivered by professionals in nautical education and Coracle Online.
Using nautically flavoured examples and language the course leads students to apply basic, yet key, maths concepts and also covers elementary aspects of algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
Maths@Sea is equivalent to GCSE level maths.
The course is used as a diagnostic testing tool for those applying for scholarship funding, as an evaluation course for prospective MN officer trainees or a refresher course for seafarers taking OOW certification.
This takes the next step into more advanced mathematics. It contains 5 core modules:
Algebra, Trigonometry, Charts and Bearings, Introduction to Functions and Calculus.
Using maritime language and concepts the course is designed with seafarers in mind who are comfortable with the elementary aspects of Maths@Sea and are now taking OOW or higher levels of certification.
Writing@Sea helps you to:
Get to grips with the fundamentals of written English
Organise ideas and express them with confidence
Draft written reports, letters and emails
Identify common mistakes made with apostrophes, spelling and punctuation
It is tailor-made for the maritime sector and uses examples, assignments and tests using familiar seafaring language and imagery. The course can be used as a handy reference tool once elements have been completed.
For information, impartial advice and guidance on any of the above @Sea courses contact Marine Society by email:
Please contact Dan Henderson, Learning Organiser by email for details of funding through the RMT Bursary.

Monday, 6 July 2015

RMT Seafarers Bursary

On Thursday, 25th June, 2015 (International Day of the Seafarer) at the AGM in Newcastle, National Secretary Steve Todd officially launched the new RMT Learning Seafarers Bursary Scheme.  This has been made possible by a grant received from Seafarers UK.
Steve Todd seafarers bursary

The RMT Learning Seafarers Bursary Scheme is open to individual members and also to branches for Educational purposes.

The maximum amount awarded to an individual for a bursary will be £400.  This must be used towards an accredited educational course – and evidence of the course must be submitted before payment will be made.

Shipping Branches are able to apply to the fund also, with the aim of providing collective learning activity within the branches and also onboard.  i.e. IT courses, language classes, functional skills courses etc.

The fund will be administered by RMT Learning and the contact is Paul Shaw.  He is contactable on 07982 855044 or at or in Scotland you can contact Dan Henderson on 07814022347 or at

Those eligible for the bursary scheme must either be active, retired or ex-seafarers.

The fund has limited resources and will be used on a first come, first served basis.

Application form can be found on this webpage.